As the CEO of Ridgeview Assisted Living, I get asked a lot of questions about our community and about assisted living in general. By now, I hope you’ve scheduled your first visit. During your visit, you’ll get an opportunity to ask as many questions as you like—the more, the better! However, I thought I would take this chance to answer some of the most common questions we are asked:

Q: What kind of food will my parent get, and who cooks it?
A: We shop daily for fresh, wholesome food at local markets. The menus, which have an emphasis on home-cooked style, are overseen by dieticians and rotate often. Menus also take into account dietary restrictions. Meals are prepared by trained caregivers.

Q: What is my parent going to do all day?
A: Ridgeview maintains a structured activities calendar with activities in which all residents are encouraged to take part. We also try to honor special activity requests. The level of activity is dependent on the personal situation of the patient and their ability and desire to participate.

Q: What are the other residents like, and what do they do all day?
A: At Ridgeview, we have a diverse community of residents. We strive to pair residents with similar abilities, interests and backgrounds so they can spend time together and join in the activities they find most interesting, such as arts and crafts or sing-alongs.

Q: What are the rooms like?
A: The rooms at Ridgeview provide graceful living in a serene environment, but our residents are encouraged to outfit their room in a way that makes them feel most at home. In fact, bringing furniture, pictures or art and mementos from home can help make the transition to assisted living easier. When you schedule your visit, you’ll be able to tour the entire facility—including the rooms—in person.

Q: What level of care will my parent receive?
A: Since Ridgeview is an independent living community, versus a nursing home or medical facility, your parents can expect to receive care based on their own unique needs and abilities.

Q: Who is going to take care of my parent, and how are they trained?
A: Our trained caregivers and staff provide attention and care to residents based on their needs and abilities. Each member of our staff operates under state and medication assistance certification and they must measure up to our high standards.

I know you have many more questions. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 505-470-8096 so we can answer each one. You can also ask questions in person when you make an appointment to tour

Ridgeview. We’re here to help you in whichever way makes this process easier for you and your loved one.

I look forward to meeting you!


Carla Lee Martinez