Key Questions You Need to Ask


I hope you found the information in my last email, “ Knowing When It’s Time for Assisted Living” , helpful. I also hope that by now you’ve called and scheduled your first visit at Ridgeview.

There is a lot more to Ridgeview than just scenic views, landscaped grounds and home-like accommodations. It’s just possible that your visit here will provide some relief when you see there’s a place for your loved one, and it’s here at Ridgeview.

I also hope that you’re visiting more than one facility, and that you visit all of them—including ours—twice. Obviously, the first time will be scheduled, but make your second visit more impromptu. That way, you’ll get a better feel for the place on a regular day, not just when they’re expecting visitors.

To help you make the most out of your visits, I’ve compiled a list of key questions to ask so you get the answers you need:

What is the food like?

Food is nature’s medicine, and your loved one will thrive when presented with healthy, home-cooked meals like the ones we prepare every day at Ridgeview. We’re lucky enough to have wholesome, local food sources and dietician-planned meals prepared by our staff. Be sure to inquire about the food at any facility you visit to ensure its quality, taste and nutritional value is up to your loved one’s standards.

Your loved one may have special dietary needs due to medication interaction, allergies or simply preferred tastes. Make sure the facility can accommodate these culinary preferences, as we do at Ridgeview.

What is the staff like?

Your investment in assisted living care for your loved one is only as good as the qualifications, skills and experience of the staff. It’s within your rights to ask about the specific education and certification of the staff members who may be interacting with or caring for your senior loved one. Ask about their length of employment with the facility. Speak to at least one manager or administrator and at least one regular staff member. Look for rapport, friendliness, professionalism and proficiency.

What activities are available? 

Seniors enjoy being active, and staying engaged will help them maintain their health and mental well-being. At Ridgeview, we provide a variety of both structured and unstructured activities for
all our residents to enjoy at their leisure. Find out about the available activities at any facility to which you pay a visit. Is the equipment in good shape? Are there enough activity supplies to go around, or might some residents be excluded? Activity options should include physical, mental and passive enjoyment.

What kind of medical access is available?

Your loved one will likely require some kind of medical care while they are at the assisted living facility. How close is the nearest hospital? Is there ambulatory service? Is dental care available? Do doctors and/or nurses come to the facility? How often do they visit? What’s the protocol when they arrive? Are mobile x-rays available? Don’t assume that all facilities provide access to quality medical care.

What are the other residents like?

The facility should be able to offer you a general resident profile, but try to speak with a few residents. This will enable to you see if the other residents would make suitable social companions for your loved one and help you get a feel for the facility through their eyes. At Ridgeway, we strive to ensure good personality matches for all new residents because we understand the importance of community and a feeling of belonging.

What are the facilities like?

You’ll likely get a full tour when you visit a facility, but feel free to ask about specifics, including:

·How is laundry handled?
·Are linens provided?
·Is there WiFi?
·What’s the cleaning schedule?
·Who is responsible for the cleaning?
·How is the temperature inside rooms controlled?
·What are the grounds like?
·What is the surrounding area like?Is it safe?

Be sure to ask about the kind of security that is in place, especially if your loved one suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Exactly what care is provided?

Facilities offer different levels of care, so before you make any decision, ask lots of questions regarding exactly the type of care provided. Specifically, you might be interested in:

·Prescription medicine disbursement
·Over-the-counter medicine availability
·Massage treatments
·Beauty treatments (hair styling, makeup, shaves, manicures)
·Feeding assistance
·Bathing assistance
·Physical therapy

Here at Ridgeway, we’re happiest when prospective family members ask lots of questions. The way we see it, the more informed you are, the better fit you can ensure for your loved one. We want you and your elderly loved one to be happy about your decision to join our family at Ridgeway Assisted Living. Please call 505-470-8096 to schedule your first visit so we can get started!


Carla Lee Martinez