Knowing When It’s Time


It seems like one of the most difficult parts about being a caregiver for an older loved one is knowing when it’s time to move them into an assisted living care facility. Many caregivers feel guilty, as though they’re giving up. In reality, making the choice to move a loved one to an assisted care facility is often one of the most caring decisions you can make.

Time and again we have family members tell us that, had they known how much better things would be for their loved one at Ridgeview, they wouldn’t have felt so guilty about even considering the move.

Knowing when your loved one needs more care can be difficult, however. Thankfully, there are definitive signs to let you know that it might be time to move your loved one to an assisted care facility. Some of the signs include:

Wandering– Alzheimer’s and dementia patients are at increased risk for this behavior that presents as wandering away from the home with no warning. Unfortunately, many patients become disoriented and find it hard or impossible to make their way back home.

Sundowning– This is a phenomenon where a dementia or Alzheimer’s patient becomes inconsolably agitated near the end of the day. The behavior may be upsetting, especially for younger children who can’t understand why their normally docile and loving grandparent is upset.

Intensified Care Needs– When your loved one’s care needs begin to consume your time, it’s a sign that you yourself need help. This is often a sensitive issue, especially with family members who feel deeply responsible for the love, care and safety of their senior relative. However, this level of care can become overwhelming. When the caregiver is overburdened, relationships and lives on all sides can suffer.

Increased Frequency of Accidents – Do you find that your loved one has more home accidents than before? Is the smoke alarm going off daily because the toast is burning? Do you find food that requires refrigeration inside cupboards? Is your loved one having trouble getting in and out of the shower, or have they fallen while alone at home?

Remember, most people who reside at our assisted living community at Ridgeview were not “assigned” by doctors. Typically, a devoted family member such as yourself contacted us to ask our opinion about their loved one. Even over the phone, we can help you decide whether an initial assessment of your love one’s needs makes sense. We’re more than happy to talk with you and discuss your current situation.

At Ridgeview, we are experienced with issues involving seniors, including those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s, and we would love to help you find the best solution to meet your love one’s needs. Call us today at 505-470-8096.

Carla Lee Martinez