Myths and Misconceptions


It’s me again, Carla Lee Martinez from Ridgeview Assisted Living. There are so many myths and misconceptions about senior care that I thought it would be worth talking through them with you. As someone who works in senior care, I’m there every day, and I see the reality of what a positive experience assisted living can be in senior’s life.

The following are five true things about senior care that debunk those myths and misconceptions:

1. Moving into assisted living doesn’t have to translate to a loss of independence. 

At Ridgeview, we believe our residents should enjoy independent living in an assisted living environment—we do everything we can to help our residents maintain their autonomy while providing help where and when they need it. That’s a huge departure from many assisted living facilities and one that I hope you’ll come witness in person.

2. Staying at home is actually more expensive.

Caring for a loved one at home can add up to more than you expect when it includes mortgage or rent, groceries, the cost of transportation and in-home help, never mind the cost of your time. In contrast, the above are included in the cost of assisted living, and often that cost is less than at-home care.

3. Expensive doesn’t always mean better.

In fact, I’ve found that being able to offer affordable assisted living care is one of our hallmarks at Ridgeview. Just because we’re affordable doesn’t mean we skimp on care—it’s the opposite in every way. We just don’t mark up our services like many more expensive facilities.

4. Assisted living chains don’t have a monopoly on care.  

At Ridgeview, we don’t have a corporate mouth to feed. Our focus is on individuals, and we maintain a low staff-to-resident ratio that you may not find in an assisted living facility that is part of a chain.

5. Moving into assisted living doesn’t signal the end.

If you want to see what real living is, visit our community at Ridgeview. Our residents live vibrant, active lives that represent their interests and personalities. Moving into assisted living is
another phase of life, not the end of a journey, and one we will help your loved one get the most out of.

I hope this helps set the record straight as far as myths and misconceptions about assisted living care. But an email is just an email in the end. That’s why we encourage you to come visit Ridgeview and see for yourself what life at our facility is like. Call 505-470-8096 schedule a visit today.


Carla Lee Martinez