Understanding What You Need


When you are faced with a variety of options for your elderly loved one, determining the kind of facility in which to place them can be a challenge. These days, there are many types of facilities, including independent living, assisted living, directed living, memory care and more. Since these facilities each offer different levels of care, the type of facility you choose will ultimately depend on your loved one’s mental, emotional and physical state now and in the foreseeable future.

In this stage of evaluation, there are specific points you should consider. Some of them will weigh more heavily on your decision while others might be considered less consequential. Here are the points to consider:

Medical Issues What are your loved one’s medical issues? Do they require certain procedures at regular intervals? Do their medical issues pose a threat to their safety or the safety of those around them? Will their medical issues progress or stay the same over time? For answers to these questions, your physician may be the best source of guidance. At Ridgeview Assisted Living, our staff works closely with physicians to ensure care is in accordance with physician recommendations.

Emotional State Many of our residents at Ridgeview are fiercely independent yet happy to have care and assistance when they need it. How does your loved one view assisted living? Would they prefer the solitude found in one of our independent accommodations, or would a roommate help them stave off loneliness? Would your loved one appreciate opportunities to interact with their peers? It’s important to consider your loved one’s lifestyle and temperament when deciding upon an assisted living community.

Special Considerations Everyone has a special hobby or interest that deserves special consideration when looking at assisted living facilities. At Ridgeway Assisted Living, we treat our residents as individuals with lives and interests all their own, and we strive to accommodate all needs. Does your loved one favor certain activities? Activities might include painting, weaving, sewing, or bird watching. Perhaps your loved one needs daily time alone each morning to mediate in beautiful surroundings. Everyone is different and everyone deserves a chance to pursue their passions at any age.

Proximity Moving a loved one to a care facility shouldn’t mean you can’t see them again. It’s important to consider the convenience of the travel distance between the facility and your home. Regular visits from family, grandchildren especially, can greatly enhance your loved one’s experience at the care facility you choose. The easier it is to get to the facility, the more often family members are likely to visit.

Hopefully the above considerations will help you better evaluate the care facilities you are reviewing for your loved one. We hope that Ridgeview is one that you will think about visiting. Call 505-470-8096 today to schedule a day and time that’s most convenient for you. We look forward to meeting with you.


Carla Lee Martinez