Choosing the Best Assisted Living Facility for Your Parent or Loved One

Hi, At Ridgeview Assisted Living, we understand that the decision to choose the best assisted living facility for your parent or loved one is often thrust upon you without warning. Suddenly, you are being asked to participate in a decision that will affect your loved one’s future well-being.

You may feel overwhelmed—you don’t know where to start or which questions to ask. You may feel like you don’t have the experience or information needed to make an informed decision. You may feel that your hands are tied because the decision isn’t entirely yours. To make matters worse, there may be pressing medical concerns that need to be addressed immediately, or you may have received a notice that your loved one’s time at the rehabilitation center is ending.

That’s why I’ve sent this guide. The following questions for you are meant to help you take the first steps toward seeking out the best care for your loved one:

1. How much care does your loved one require? If she simply requires some extra help throughout the day, an assisted living facility could be just what she needs. If she requires more intensive care, a skilled nursing facility may better serve her needs.

2. Does mom relish her independence? If so, an assisted living facility, such as Ridgeview, might be ideal.

3. Does dad suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s? He will need to live in a community that is equipped to care for the specialized needs of patients who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s.

4. Will the facility provide meals that adhere to my parent’s dietary restrictions? Food is one of the most important aspects of daily life. Any assisted living facility you consider should have a dietician on staff who can ensure meals are as healthy as they are delicious and that they meet your loved one’s dietary needs and restrictions.

5. Will I be allowed to visit when I want? Family visits and involvement play a key role in patient health and well-being! An assisted living community that only has visitor’s hours should make you think twice.

6. Will my parent get along with the other residents? A quality assisted living community will understand it is important for your loved one to find like-minded individuals. At Ridgeview, it is our goal to match like with
like according to each individual’s mental and physical capabilities as well as likes and interests.

7. Will my mom live in an environment up to the standards she had when living on her own? A facility should provide the same type of care you yourself would give to your loved one. Ask to tour the facility, see individual rooms and speak with residents to really get a feel for the community.

8. How will my parent spend their time? Make sure the facility offers a broad range of activities including those most likely to interest your mom or dad.

9. Is there adequate outdoor space? The grounds surrounding the facility are just as important as the indoor areas. Are the well-kept? Do residents get to spend ample time outdoors?

10. Is there adequate access to local hospitals and clinics? The proximity of the facility to professional care should be addressed, as should protocols for doctors’ visits and emergency services, should they be needed.

These ten questions will get you started on the road toward choosing the best assisted living facility for your parent or loved one. I will go into more detail in following e-mails, but if you have any questions or would like to schedule a tour at Ridgeview, please feel free to contact me at 505-470-8096—we would be happy to talk with you!


Carla Lee Martinez